Malta Banking

Electronic Money Institutions in Malta

In a world where technology has become crucial in everyday transactions, electronic money can be the next step both in technology and in the financial services industry.

Escrow Services

The increase of global commercial transactions calls for escrow services. Learn more about the services and how you might need them.

Acquire a Bank License in Malta

Individuals looking to open a bank or Credit Institution in Malta should first obtain a banking licence.

Malta Credit Rating

Fitch, an international credit rating institution, rated Malta's credit A+.

Opening a Bank Account in Malta

Both EU and non-EU nationals can open bank accounts in Malta. Know the requirements, process duration, and available options for expats and residents.

Is Cryptocurrency legal in Malta?

Malta is the Blockchain Island, implementing rules and regulations for the security of cryptocurrency operators.

What is Interest Income?

How much do you know about Interest Income? Read on to get a deeper understanding of the concept.

Malta Payment Services Directive

The Payment Services Directive aims to ensure your security when making payments within the European Union.

Getting a Mortgage in Malta

Before you start imagining living in your dream house in Malta, it is vital to check if you are eligible for a mortgage first.