Company Services

The sole purpose of having a holding company in your company structure   

A holding company structure is advantageous for large enterprises and small businesses alike. Understand how it works and why you need to have it in your company. 

The New Malta Permanent Residence Programme (2021)

The new Maltese Residence programme was announced in an official accredited agents’ conference by the Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities, Hon. Alex Saliba. Read this article to know all about it.

Redomicile your company to Malta!

Read on to understand how simple it is to register your company in Malta.

Benefit from Incorporating a Company in Malta

Learn about the tax benefits of incorporating your company in Malta.

Procedure to Incorporate a Malta Company

How do you incorporate a company in Malta? Read on to learn the requirements of the Malta Financial Services Authorities, and let us help you with your company.

The Role of the Company Secretary under Maltese law

What is a Company Secretary's role in your business? Read on to understand what they are for and the importance of hiring one.

Company Service Providers in Malta

Do you have enough knowledge about the new regulations act for company service providers? Read on to learn more.

Private Exempt Companies

Understand more about the differentiators between a Private Company and a Private Exempt Company.

Malta is on its path to become a service leader in Aviation.

Read on to know how registering your aircraft in Malta can prove beneficial.