Company in Malta

Benefit from Incorporating a Company in Malta

Learn about the tax benefits of incorporating your company in Malta.

Company Service Providers in Malta

Do you have enough knowledge about the new regulations act for company service providers? Read on to learn more.

Private Exempt Companies

Understand more about the differentiators between a Private Company and a Private Exempt Company.

Outsourcing Company Administration in Malta

Are you looking to outsource your company’s administration but not sure about the right choice? Read on to make an informed decision.

How to Register a Company in Malta

As a European Union member state with a gateway to Africa, there are many benefits when you are registering a company in Malta. The island nation is a member of the Schengen…

How to Set Up a Holding Company in Malta

Did you know that the tax regime in Malta allows tax refunds to holding company owners as well? Read on to find out more.