Citizenship & Residence

Migration by Investment – Invest in your Future!

With numerous residency and citizenship by investment programmes across the globe, families are choosing to migrate permanently to other countries. Read on to understand why migration by investment has become a great…

Malta Retirement Programme

In 2012, Malta introduced a new programme called the Malta Retirement Programme (hereinafter the ‘Programme’) designed to attract nationals of the EU, EEA and Switzerland who are not in an employment relationship…

What You Need to Know About Retiring in Malta

Malta is a popular retirement destination for a good reason. With a mild climate, a vibrant Mediterranean lifestyle, affordability and an excellent healthcare system, Malta is becoming an increasingly more attractive place…

Employment Rights and Regulations

These rights and regulations are fundamental if you are looking to work in Malta or even start your very own business!

How long does it take to process a work permit application in Malta?

Obtaining a single work permit in Malta can take as little as four weeks after government reforms have been made in order to facilitate the process.

Can Maltese citizens work abroad?

A substantial number of Maltese citizens are opting to work abroad, sometimes making it a permanent move, but more often than not, using it as a work/life experience when they graduate from…

What do I need, to get Maltese Citizenship in Australia? 

The first thing you must obtain before getting a Maltese passport in Australia is Maltese citizenship

Global Residence Programme Rules 2013

Read this article to know all about the Global Residence Programme Rules.

The Residence Programme Rules – 2021

The new Residence Programme Rules, have recently been published in Malta and have come into force. Read this article, if you are not already familiar with it.