Company Redomiciliation in Malta

Is your company eligible for redomiciliation to Malta? Expand your business with us and maximise your benefits.

Expand your business without having to move your base.

Unlike some other countries, you do not have to liquidate your home company to be redomiciled to Malta. That means you can continue with the client and professional base from one country. At the same time, you expand and explore Malta’s vast possibilities to offer your business.

Eligibility Criteria

To be redomiciled to Malta while keeping your company in another country, that foreign company must be recognised in Malta as being similar in nature to a company already set up under the laws of Malta.

Further, it must be shown that the foreign company is authorised to redomicile by its Memorandum and Articles of Association or other constituting instruments.

The Process of Redomiciliation

Once a foreign company has submitted the necessary documents to the Registrar of Companies and comply with Maltese law, the foreign company shall be provisionally registered as a company in Malta. At that point, a Provisional Certificate of Continuation shall be issued in favour of the company.

The company then has six months from the Provisional Certificate of Continuation issue, within which to submit documentary evidence to the Registrar of Companies that it has ceased to be a company registered in the country in which it was incorporated or registered.

Provided that such evidence is satisfactory to the Registrar of Companies, a Certificate of Continuation will be issued confirming that the company has been registered as continuing in Malta.

Once the transfer of domicile is complete, it becomes a Maltese tax resident and is then entitled to a tax rate of 35% on its income.

Benefits of Transferring Domicile to Malta

Malta’s renowned competitive tax system, an extensive network of Double Taxation Agreements, and English-speaking educated workforce make it an increasingly popular vehicle for business from all over the world.

While you can retain your history and client network of your company at home, redomiciling your business in Malta also provides you easy trade with EU member countries and geographic proximity to the greater Mediterranean area.

Let Integritas Get You Started

The Integritas Group can:

  • Prepare and organise your materials to prove eligibility for redomiciliation
  • Advice regarding the status and recognition of income from your home company by Maltese authorities
  • Ensure that you and your shareholders receive all the financial advantages to be enjoyed by establishing your company in Malta

Integritas Group is experienced with handling many aspects of your corporate and personal life in Malta beyond the redomiciliation of your company.

Look at our Company Formation and Administration in Malta page for further information relevant to setting up your company in Malta.

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