Canada Business Immigration

Explore the most reliable options for business persons in Canada.

The most reliable way to emigrate to Canada is to invest in a business or set up your own business. The goal of the business-related programmes in Canada is to develop new commercial opportunities, create jobs, and initiate further the country’s economic development.

The programme applicants are required to have a business background. According to the profile of a client, Integritas Group offers the following programs in Canada:

Quebec Investor Program

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program has been suspended and will not reopen before April 1, 2023.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

New Brunswick Program is for experienced entrepreneurs ready to establish, operate, and manage a business while living and settling in New Brunswick permanently.


  • The applicant should have a verifiable net worth of at least CA$ 600,000 (approximately USD 451,000), including CA$ 300,000 (approximately USD 225,000) of unencumbered liquidity);


  • The applicant should possess at least three years of management experience (min 5 years of management experience if earned as an employee);


  • The applicant should intend to settle in New Brunswick and invest at least CA$ 250,000 (approximately USD 188,000) into a business venture;


  • The applicant should place CA$ 100,000 (approximately USD 75,000) as a refundable security deposit with the Province (the deposit is refunded one year after the applicant establishes or acquires a business in New Brunswick);


  • The applicant should be between 22 and 55 years old and have completed at least two years of post-secondary education;


  • The applicant should either speak English or French.


The procedure of obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residence takes approximately nine months.

The application for Canadian citizenship can be submitted after having been physically in Canada as a permanent resident for at least three years in the last five years.

Investment in a Business in Canada

The general rule of business immigration to Canada says that the applicant should:

  • Invest in an already existent business anywhere in Canada (the applicant should purchase at least 51% of shares)


  • Create their own business from scratch in Canada

Our lawyers in Canada will assist you with choosing a company or with the elaboration of the business plan to create a company from scratch.

The investment amount is from CA$ 100,000 (approximately USD 75,000). It could be higher, depending on the industry and the company the client would like to invest in.

There are no age limitations. The rejection rate of this program is 15%, which means that if our lawyers well prepare the client’s file, the application process will be successful.

If the client moves together with their family, the spouse will also obtain the work residence permit (family reunion). Underage children could join the main applicant too. If children over 18 are looking for a university in Canada, we could assist with the student residence permit (at an additional cost).


  • Investment in a business in Canada;


  • Creation of a business in Canada’


  • Transfer of a business to Canada (the client should have had an operational business for at least one year outside Canada before transferring it to Canada).


The entire procedure takes around 9-12 months till the person acquires the Permanent Residence in Canada. The applicant shall first receive a work permit in Canada as a Managing Director of their company. Only after that will we apply for the Permanent Residence for the client.

After acquiring the PR, the client could obtain a Canadian passport after three years out of 5 years of living in Canada. The person can exit the country for more than six months without losing the residential status, so the person is not obliged to go and live in Canada straight away.