Mergers and Acquisitions

In an ever-changing economic environment, every strategic business leader needs to conduct cost-benefit analysis in order to maximize profit while minimizing expenditures.

Whether you are looking to expand or consolidate, the Integritas Group can clarify the important regulations you should consider in your growth strategy.

What Do You Need to Consider as Part of Your Strategy?

Efficiency follows the rule of the golden ratio: too many resources are a great expenditure and end up slowing down your company, while not having the personnel and infrastructure you need will keep you from achieving goals.

Strategizing your mergers and acquisitions enables you to identify what you need, what you don’t, and bridge the gap.

You might be looking to streamline and consolidate resources through merger within your own or with other companies. Or you may want to take advantage of an existing company’s workforce, infrastructure, client base, and network of partners through acquisition. In either case, various variables are at play. Clearly, the best option is to be under the guidance of professionals experienced in mergers and acquisitions who are also capable of being sure that you profit from all the benefits Maltese regulations have to offer.

The Integritas Group has divisions with professionals trained in all relevant aspects to make sure that your mergers and acquisitions are maximally beneficial and recognised as valid.

What Can Integritas Do for You?

After careful consultation, Integritas can advise you regarding the best corporate structures for your business to thrive. We are also capable of carrying out the necessary legal due diligence that is involved in mergers and acquisitions.

Together, we can discuss and find solutions for the various legal issues involved in mergers and acquisitions, including those relating to the environment, employment, corporate and tax matters.

Integritas can also:

  • Assist in the necessary negotiations
  • Draft and review the documentation required to comply with all legal obligations
  • Advise and explore options regarding structural re-formations that would be most financially advantageous to your company

Related Corporate and Personal Financial Services

For further options, look at our Company Formation and Administration in Malta and Registration of a Branch in Malta pages for further information regarding the advantages that await you by establishing your company in Malta.

The professionals of the Integritas Group are experienced with handling many aspects of your corporate and personal life in Malta beyond mergers and acquisitions. You may be considering redomiciling your entire business to Malta. Or perhaps you’re looking to move to Malta yourself and become a Maltese citizen with entitlement to EU-wide privileges.

Looking to establish a physical presence for your company in Malta? We can help you locate, rent, or purchase property for your company, offices, and employees.

Setting up a virtual office in Malta or renting one of our own offices gives substance to the existence of a Malta company. Having offices based in Malta may also act as a determining factor for tax purposes.

Contact us for further information or if you have any questions.