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How long does it take to process a work permit application in Malta?

Obtaining a single work permit in Malta can take as little as four weeks after government reforms have been made in order to facilitate the process.

Can Maltese citizens work abroad?

A substantial number of Maltese citizens are opting to work abroad, sometimes making it a permanent move, but more often than not, using it as a work/life experience when they graduate from…

Family Businesses and their Role in our Economy

Family businesses make up about 70% of Malta's businesses. Read on to understand the role they play and the importance given to them in Malta's economy.

Tax Rebate on Private Residential Leases

Taxes can be complex and dealing with taxes in a new country will require guidance for most. Learn more about the Private Residential Leases (Tax Rebate) Rules.

Main Budget Highlights 2021

Get an overview of Malta's budget for 2021.

Integritas Group Ltd

We are pleased to announce that Integritas Corporate Services Ltd, which forms part of the Integritas Group, is now registered with the Malta Inland Revenue Department as an Authorised Registered Mandatory and…

An Overview of the Proposed Amendments to the Regulation of Trustees in Malta

Read this article to know all about the amendments proposed to the regulation of trustees in Malta.

Do we need a Protector for our Trust?

Why are Protectors so crucial for your trust? Do you really need them? Find out all about it right here!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Trust Registration in Malta

The set up of a Trust used to be associated with the wealthy. Not anymore! Read this article to find out why expats choose to setup trusts in Malta.