Migration by Investment – Invest in your Future!

With numerous residency and citizenship by investment programmes across the globe, families are choosing to migrate permanently to other countries. Read on to understand why migration by investment has become a great and wise choice for many.

The choice to obtain a second residence or citizenship by investment has allowed applicants and their families to migrate permanently to other countries. Business, education, better healthcare and political or social disturbances are only a few reasons these individuals opt to relocate to another country. Others need assurances and a default “plan b” in the event of uncertain times.  

Obtaining dual citizenship or a second residency is more than just a document in hand. The advantages vary from one programme and jurisdiction to another. Still, the results of investing in citizenship and residency can determine the way primarily your life will unfold and, later on, that of your children. 

Benefits of Investing to Migrate  

Freedom of movement is one of the most common reasons applicants obtain a second residence or citizenship. Many passports are limited with pre-defined conditions, forcing citizens to obtain visas whenever they need to travel abroad for business or pleasure. This is when a second passport can prove handy, offering individuals from these countries increased global mobility.  

In current times, even when obtaining a visa can somehow be difficult or impossible, this option would facilitate travel arrangements. For instance, a Maltese passport opens the door to 184 other countries.  

The main advantages of having an EU passport include that you and your family have the luxury of living, studying, working, moving freely, and even retiring in any of the 27 EU member states, as well as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Iceland.  

Having a second option is a popular point of discussion amongst investors, especially now with all the uncertainty we are experiencing worldwide. Should anything happen in your country and you own a second passport, you have the right to reside in another country. This is incredible insurance, especially if you choose an EU citizenship, which allows you to settle down in 31 countries. If something does happen, you can safely say that you and your family can relocate to a different country.  

Countries with unpredictable economies can have a negative impact on entrepreneurs and the future of their businesses. The countries with more stable economies provide adequate laws and judicial processes. As a result of these investment programmes, new business opportunities present themselves to applicants who obtain citizenship by investment. They can do business in a second country and travel abroad more freely. This may prove crucial when visa delays can result in loss of business or not closing the deal.  

Investment Programmes  

The Caribbean Citizenship programmes are also prevalent and offer an excellent solution for those looking to invest in a second citizenship. These programmes provide a quick and more straightforward route to citizenship at a relatively cheaper cost than the EU and citizenship programmes. The list of visa-free countries that you can travel to using Caribbean Passports is ever increasing.  

St Kitts allows the passport holder to travel to 156 countries and Dominica to 140 countries. Most of the Caribbean countries have no minimum stay requirements. Antigua requires a minimum stay of five days in five years. 

Grenada holds a visa treaty with the USA; therefore, Grenadian passport holders have the right to apply for the E2 visa, which enables one to live, work and study in the USA.  

The beauty of these investment programmes is that no one size fits all. With all the options available, one can definitely find the right choice to suit their needs. Finding the most suitable programme can sometimes confuse individuals looking to invest in a second residence or citizenship. That is why at Integritas, we offer free consultations while having a wide range of services to cater to individuals’ specific needs.  

With Integritas as an immigration partner at your side, your requirements can be fulfilled, making your journey a tad simpler. Get in touch with us today, and let us help you invest and migrate!