Malta points of interest

Malta and Ukraine Connection

Maltese President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca received the Ukraine's Person of the Year for social and political activity. Learn about Malta's relationship with Ukraine.

Education in Malta

Dive deeper into Malta's educational system. Learn how the island nation is the best option for your children's education.

Why Malta is the Ideal Place for Aeroplane Registration

Malta is the aviation haven. Read to learn why it should be your aircraft's home.

The Responsibilities of a Director

A company director is responsible for the company's governance and must ensure that it complies with all legal requirements. Read more to learn about the different types of directors and their responsibilities.

The Difference between the Duties of a Director and a Company Secretary

Learn the differences between the duties of the two most important posts in an organisation.

What makes a contract legal in Maltese Law?

Get a deeper understanding of contracts and how they are recognised by the Maltese Law.

What is Malta famous for?   

Discover and explore Malta, the island nation in the central Mediterranean.

An Overview of Inheritance and Rights of Heirs

What are the different types of wills and what are the rights of its receivers? Understand the rights of inheritance provided by the Maltese law.

Malta China Connection РChina’s One Belt One Road Initiative

Learn more about China's One Belt One Road Initiative and Malta's participation in the projects.