Malta Tax Heaven

Employment Income Taxation in Malta

Get a deeper understanding of your tax liabilities as a resident and worker in Malta.

Double Taxation Agreement between Malta and the United Arab Emirates

Malta has signed a Double Taxation Agreement with the United Arab Emirates. Learn how you can benefit from the treaty.

Taxation of Employment Income for Domiciled and Non-domiciled

Understand the tax opportunities arising from the taxation of non-domiciled residents in Malta.

How is rental income on immovable property taxed?

Lessors of immovable property in Malta have more flexible options when it comes to rental income.

Is Royalty Income passive or active?

When a company registered in Malta generates Royalty Income from Intellectual Property, it is exempt from corporate tax. How do you know if your income is active or passive?

Malta enters into Double Taxation Treaty with the Republic of Armenia.

Malta adds Armenia to its list of countries and states for its Double Taxation Treaties.