What do I need, to get Maltese citizenship in Australia?

It may sound obvious, but the first thing that you need to obtain before getting a Maltese passport in Australia, is Maltese citizenship.

Malta published amendments to the Citizenship Act in 2007, effectively making it easier for people such as, Australians with an ancestral bond to Malta, to become citizens of the country.

Any person who can prove that they have a Maltese born parent, who also was born in Malta, can apply to become a citizen of Malta.

Provided grandparents are living and a bond can be proven, then Australians can apply for Maltese citizenship.

An important thing to keep in mind is that if the parent of the applicant was still living on 1 August 2007, but dies after 1 August 2010 without (the parent) having applied for Maltese citizenship, then the link is considered as broken.

In order to obtain citizenship, applicants will need apostilled copies of their own birth certificate, both parents’ birth certificate and their marriage certificate.

If applying through earlier ascendants, their birth and marriage certificates would also be needed.

www.certifikati.gov.mt provides all relative information about how to obtain Maltese registry certificates. Birth, Marriage, Death and Free Status certificates can be ordered online.

You will need to book an appointment at the Australian High Commission in Canberra or the consulates in Sydney or Melbourne.

When booking the appointment, the staff will send you an application form by email which you will need to fill out, depending on your circumstances.

The Maltese High Commission lists the following categories of citizenship:

  1. My mother was born in Malta and I was born abroad (Application Form I, Checklist Form I “born before 21/09/1964”, and Checklist Form I “born after 21/09/1964”)
  2. My spouse is Maltese (Application form B)
  3. Minor (Application form M)
  4. One or more of my grandparents/great grandparents was/where born in Malta (Application form K) (checklist)
  5. My father was born in Malta and I was born abroad before 21/09/1964 (Dual Citizenship Enquiry Form A (CEA16 Dual A) (checklist)
  6. My father was born in Malta and I was born abroad after 21/09/1964 but before 1989 (Dual Citizenship Enquiry Form B (CEA17 Dual B) (checklist)

You will need to produce supporting documentation personally at the consulate/commission, after which you will swear allegiance to the Maltese People and Flag. You will also need four passport sized photos.

The documents will then be sent to Malta and you will receive confirmation of your successful application between six and 12 months later.

Once you are granted citizenship, you may then apply for a passport (link to below article).